My Two Secrets — a guest post by Jocelyn Green (and a give-away)

When I began writing Spy of Richmond, I had no idea I’d learn for myself what it meant to keep a gigantic secret from everyone I loved. My heroine’s secret, of course, was that she was a spy. My secret? My husband had cancer. We thought it was just a lump on his clavicle. A … Continue reading My Two Secrets — a guest post by Jocelyn Green (and a give-away)


Monday News

Good morning! Today is the Monday after a VERY full weekend. This is how I feel at the moment. There isn't enough coffee in this house to make me feel more awake. Here's what happened this weekend. 1. Julie Cantrell (New York Times Bestselling/Award winning/International rockstar of Christian Fiction) came to town. She was the … Continue reading Monday News

Breathing Options

Hey, Friends! If you've been hanging around my Facebook or Twitter the past few months, you'll know that I'm involved in the Breathe Christian Writers Conference. I'm on the planning committee and this year I get to present a workshop called The Art of Conversation (it's about writing dialogue). Some of you wanted to come, … Continue reading Breathing Options

Authors and Books and Signing! OH MY!

My friends, I would love to tell what an honor it is to be included in a mass book signing with the likes of these ladies. I admire each of them greatly. I would even go so far as to say they're my friends (I'm assuming that Julie Cantrell and I will hit it off … Continue reading Authors and Books and Signing! OH MY!

History With Grit

I love history. So many threads of story weave into a large tapestry of our past. That piece of art is what makes us who we are, whether we like it or not. It's what connects us to larger events, distant family, and informs our present and future. I also love how history serves as … Continue reading History With Grit

Quaking in my Boots

This weekend, I spent a little quality time with the nurses and doctors in the Emergency Room. I wore mismatched socks. They took my blood. It was a great (eye-roll) way to spend the afternoon. Wonky heart. Well. That wasn't the doctor's official diagnosis. His diagnosis was that my heart beats funny. Palpitations. And that … Continue reading Quaking in my Boots

My Shelf Has Two Books

My previously empty shelf now has two books!I hadn't intended to gobble. I meant to read slowly and deliberately. Like I usually do. But Wedded to War  by Jocelyn Green wouldn't let me put it down. Now, I have to tell you, I'm beyond intrigued by the Civil War. That's why I knew I'd be interested in … Continue reading My Shelf Has Two Books

One Book on the Shelf

The other day, I told you about Jon Acuff's Empty Shelf challenge. Can I be completely honest? It was super difficult to empty a shelf. I've got a ridiculous amount of books that I don't care to rid myself of. So. So. I cleaned a few art supplies off this shelf. And I got to … Continue reading One Book on the Shelf