Now Go: Writing and Fear and Madeleine L’Engle

I'm writing the last bits of my 1960s novel before turning it in (deadline is Friday!!!). I've been so happy to give my characters good literature to sustain them through difficulty. This quote from A Wrinkle In Time inspired me. I hope it does you, too. Life can be scary. We've been at war for [...]

Living a Dream: Ramble and Roar

What's this? A BLOG POST from Susie? But it's been ages? I know that's what you're thinking. Sigh. It has, indeed, been overlong since last I blogged. But I just needed to use this space to toot the horn for my good-great-fabulous friend Catie Cordero. Her debut novel Ramble & Roar  released recently and I think [...]

The Original Uncle Gus and Aunt Carrie

I never met my Uncle Gustav or Aunt Carrie Seegert. They’d been gone for years by the time I was born. But I heard about them often. They were, after all, the folks who took my grandma in when her mother couldn't care for her anymore.  Whenever we went to visit their son Gerald and [...]

The Original Pearlie Lou

One of my college creative writing assignments was to interview someone. Anyone. Then we were to write an article based on that interview. I didn’t have to think twice about who I wanted to interview. I knew it had to be my grandma. For one, she lived nearby. I happened to work at the retirement [...]

A Song of Home Photo Contest!

All along as I wrote Pearl's story I found inspiration from the photography of Dorothea Lange.  She had a way of capturing moments, important details, catching personality. She truly was a master, an artist. Now, I wouldn't say that I'm a great photographer. But I do enjoy snapping pictures and posting them to Instagram. You too? [...]

But Take Heart

Yesterday afternoon my kids and I were sitting at the table. They had homework and I so did I (just a different kind). They chattered as they worked multiplication tables and nibbled on snacks as they practiced spelling words.   Then my daughter said, "Someone at school told me that something bad happened in Las [...]

WhiteFire Scavenger Hunt Stop #14

Welcome to the WhiteFire Publishing Scavenger Hunt! You've reached stop number 14! If you’ve just discovered the hunt, be sure to go back to stop #1 and collect all the clues in order. Once you have them all, you’ll have uncovered a secret message. Turn that in at the final stop for a chance to [...]

Book Review and GIVEAWAY: A Trail of Crumbs

Check out Alexis De Weese’s blog post about A Trail of Crumbs. Then stick around for a chance to win a copy of the book!

And yes, smart reader you, Miss De Weese (the teacher in A Trail of Crumbs) is indeed named after this lovely friend of mine.

Go, friends! Go!

Alexis De Weese

After a not-so-long wait that couldn’t end soon enough, the sequel to A Cup of Dust is out and ready for readers! (Please note that I did not review Cup as it released during the hiatus…) A Trail of Crumbs lives up to every ounce of anticipation.

Susie Finkbeiner’s historical fiction series centers on Pearl Spence, a young girl growing up in the dust bowl during the great depression.

A Trail of Crumbs picks up exactly where Cup left off—Palm Sunday—known in the dust bowl as Black Sunday.

I won’t give anything away, but tragedy strikes the Spence family, sending them reeling both emotionally and across the country. We watch Pearl grow up as the Spences settle into a new community in Bliss, Michigan. (Go MI!)

The story is told in first person from Pearl’s perspective. The author uses Pearl’s child thoughts to build suspense and speak honestly in…

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Rules of the Great Depression: Do Without

For the past two days we've talked about the rules of the Great Depression. Use it up Wear it out Make do And today's is possibly the hardest. Do without. Sigh. Do without. There were many things folks went without during the years of the Depression. As unpleasant as that may seem, it couldn't hurt [...]

Rules of the Great Depression: Make Do

There were four rules of The Great Depression that helped folks make it through those tough economic times. Use it up Wear it out Make do Do without Yesterday we talked about using up what we've got and wearing it out. Today, we're going to discuss making do. We live in a culture of disposables. Nothing [...]