What to Wear: 1960s Version

This coming Thursday (May 30, 2019) I’m having a release party for All Manner of Things at Baker Book House in Grand Rapids, MI.

Just for a little fun, I’ve invited people to dress up in their best 1960s inspired outfits. Everyone who does will be entered into a drawing to win a fun prize!

So, how does one living in 2019 dress as if they’re in the 1960s? Great question!

Here I’ve compiled some fun ideas! Which is your favorite?

Grab a pair of flared jeans (or bell bottoms if you’ve got them) and pair them with a button up shirt. Extra points if you use a scarf or tie as a belt. Throw on some ankle boots or strappy sandals and you’re all set!

Guess what! Palazzo pants are back! They go great with a fitted top (the simpler, the better) and some fun jewelry. This look is great with those strappy sandals.

Fellas! Plaid shirts (both long sleeve and short) are very 1960s. Bonus points if you go for a floral print or some fun paisleys. These looks have been EVERYWHERE the past few years.

Boots! Boots! BOOTS! Tall, short, high heeled, or flat. Boots were super groovy. Wear them with a shift dress or mini skirt (if you dare) and you’re on your way to fabulous 60s style!

Grab the shirt you tie dyed at camp. Pair it with a pair of bell bottoms and some groovy sideburns for a great Joe Cocker Woodstock look.

Tap into some flower power! Funky florals were everywhere in the 1960s. The wilder the better!

Go bold! Geometric patterns and strong lines were a big part of the mod fad of the 1960s. Go with a sold tight (bonus points for a bright color) and flats and you’ve got the look down!

Guys! I’m not entirely sure what’s going on here, but if you figure it out, more power to ya! I’ll for sure give you a double entry if you sport that faux fur vest up there.

Ladies, most of us have at least one shift dress. It can be patterned or solid, sleeveless or whatever. Pair it with a string of pearls (long or choker length) and a pair of flats or those go-go boots and you’re all set!

Keep it casual and go for some fun colored jeans! Wear them with a striped or floral top and a pair of canvas sneakers to look neato!

Or you could just go with the hippie look which is…well….kind of hard to define. Just throw some clothes on, paint a flower on your face, wear your hair long and call it good.

Or, if all else fails, grab some aluminum foil and come ready to blast off into space!

I’d really love to see you at the release party this Thursday, even if you don’t dress up. Be sure to bring your friends and be ready for a great time!

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