Authors and Books and Signing! OH MY!


My friends, I would love to tell what an honor it is to be included in a mass book signing with the likes of these ladies. I admire each of them greatly. I would even go so far as to say they’re my friends (I’m assuming that Julie Cantrell and I will hit it off when we meet for the first time).

Photo credit; Amelia Rhodes
Photo credit; Amelia Rhodes

I’ll be perfectly honest with you, because that’s usually what I do here. I only lie when writing novels. Anyway. I’m nervous about this night. Why?

1. I’m not 100% sure what I’m going to wear

2. These other authors are a bit more accomplished than I

3. I’m scared that I’ll cry when reading from My Mother’s Chamomile

4. Because if I wasn’t nervous I’d wonder what was wrong with me, then I’d search WebMD with all my symptoms and conclude that I have measles or something terrible like that.

What would make me feel better? If my people were there.

No, really, that would make me feel super grand.

So, maybe think about coming to this book signing/reading/fun/meet the author evening at Baker Book House on October 9 at 7 pm.

You would make it onto my rockstar buddy list.

See you there!


3 Comments on “Authors and Books and Signing! OH MY!

  1. Susie, I am so happy for you! You deserve to be included in this group of inspiring authors. You rock, and you’ll rock it at Baker on October 9th! I wish I could be there but we have family plans that evening. My heart is with you and cheering you on.


  2. Susie, I’ll be there with you, girlfriend! These authors are among the cream of the crop, and I’m so excited to meet Julie and Jocelyn in particular. I can hardly wait to meet all of these fantastic authors, and to see you again!


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