Grateful for the view



This is a view from my front porch. Facing west, we get to witness the most spectacular of sunsets. I’m a sunset loving girl, always have been, so this is possibly my favorite thing about our well placed house.

Months ago, this view would have been obscured by more trees. Taller trees. Hundred year old trees. But then a tornado raged through, elbowing down a whole bunch of them. I miss those trees. They blocked the sound from a highway less than a mile away and a train that’s even closer. We’re missing the shade the leaf laden branches offered. And now that the leaves are starting to hint at red and orange, I’m sad we won’t have quite as many autumnal colors to enjoy.

But the sunsets. The brighter than I can stand pink that fades to a rich purple. The shades of blue tinged with green. The vivid red. I can see more of the sunsets now. And for longer.

The tornado was bad. It destroyed so much for many of my neighbors. It was terrifying. To be honest, when the leaves get flapping in a strong breeze, I get a little nervous still.

I wish it hadn’t happened.


Life keeps going. And, for now, I’m grateful for the view.

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