History With Grit

I love history. So many threads of story weave into a large tapestry of our past. That piece of art is what makes us who we are, whether we like it or not. It’s what connects us to larger events, distant family, and informs our present and future.

I also love how history serves as a caution, a mirror to show us who we are and the depths of good or evil we are capable of.

Because I love history, I love historical novels.

Not so much historical romance. That’s just not my bag. I’m more of the type of girl who likes a little grit with her history.

When a person thinks of historical fiction in the Christian market, that person might imagine swishing, swirling skirts and neat bonnets. They might think of bustles and hoop skirts and fainting women (corsets were brutal). They may very well picture a helpless woman (who doesn’t mind being helpless all that much) swooning over the perfect man.

But that’s not the kind of historical novel I’m looking for (NOTE: historical romance is fine for those who enjoy them. I just happen to prefer less kissy face in my novels).

One author who delivers a gritty novel with minimal smoochy lips is Jocelyn Green.

Joc Green

Jocelyn has written a series about the women behind the lines of the Civil War. These women forsake their comfortable couches to bandage fresh stumps after a field amputation. They stir disease soaked bed linens until they pass out from exhaustion. They take up a gun and fight. These ladies have grit. They’re tough.

On top of that, Jocelyn makes the reader just a little stronger, too. When I read these books I considered how I would handle the situation. Would I be able to go for days without food or rest to nurse the kind of wounds that make me gag to even imagine? How would I handle being under fire? Having to live on the other side of the lines of war?

The answer? I don’t think I could. Not by myself, at least.

But Jocelyn doesn’t put her characters into bad places to dig themselves out. She has them leaning heavily on the strength of their Lord. Not a man or their good looks or money. But on God.

And that takes a whole lot of grit, if you ask me.


All three of Jocelyn’s novels are on sale in ebook format until August 28, 2014. They’re just $2.99 each and I’d say that’s a great deal. Also, Jocelyn is hosting a great give-away on her blog. You should go check it out and enter to win! Just click HERE to learn more. 

One Comment on “History With Grit

  1. Historical novels are a wonderful method for experiencing history first-hand. As a Civil War aficionado, I look forward to reading her work!


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