One Book on the Shelf

The other day, I told you about Jon Acuff’s Empty Shelf challenge.

IMG_20131229_071639Can I be completely honest? It was super difficult to empty a shelf. I’ve got a ridiculous amount of books that I don’t care to rid myself of. So. So. I cleaned a few art supplies off this shelf.

And I got to reading.

Dina Sleiman (or, for this book, D.L. Sleiman) published a book with WhiteFire Publishing (yeah, that’s my publisher!) recently. This novel was quite a departure for her. Her first novel Dance of the Dandelion was set in Medieval England. Her second offering, Love in Three Quarter Time was set in 19th Century Virginia.

Dance From Deep Within is a contemporary novel.


Dina has written a very different novel. Unique, especially in the Christian Book world. She tells the story of three friends. Rain, a free thinking child of hippies. Allie, a ballerina Christian. Layla, an American Muslim. How she weaves their friendship into the story is beautiful. She sheds light on their differences as well as their similarities. A little romance (or a lot, really…but it is also an important part of the fabric she crafts), humor, suspense, and hope. She included difficult topics with dignity and grace, not allowing for heavy-handed writing.

The ending tied up a few strings, but not nearly all of them, leaving me eager for the second book in the series.

Perhaps the greatest gift that Dina gives her readers is a to put human faces, emotions, and lives to a people group we often don’t take the time to understand and love. 

I think this would be a great book club selection, Church study, or for someone interested in learning more about Islam. Dina has also very graciously included discussion question in the back of the book. I also believe this would be a good book for those of us who want a substantial, convicting read.

If you use an digital reading device, you can purchase this novel for less than $4. You can find it at Amazon, Barnes and Noble. You can also find it on Goodreads. Also, find Dina Sleiman on Facebook.

So, the first book is now on my shelf. It’s no longer empty. That makes me happy!


Up next is Wedded to War by Christy Award finalist, Jocelyn Green. 

Tell me: What are YOU reading? What have you recently finished? You can check out my Empty Shelf To Read list HERE


3 Comments on “One Book on the Shelf

  1. I am on a bit of a history kick. I know boring right? I just finished a book about a Swedish professor who swore Atlantis was buried in, you guessed it Sweden called Finding Atlantis. Loved it. Now on to a Book called The Fourth Part of the World. It tells how maps influenced adventurers and missionaries to branch out into the wide world. It’s actually quite fascinating. Also, I’m nearly done listening to the complete adventures of Sherlock Holmes as well. Happy reading!!


    • Boring? NEVER! History is fascinating. Enjoy all your reading. We’re getting smarter and smarter with all the books we consume. Soon, we’ll be able to conquer the world! Or at least win a game of Trivial Pursuit.


      • Nope I still lose. They bring out all of that celebrity crap and I’m lost! Either that or as a parent my memory is a bit on the fritz.


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