The Empty Shelf

Jon Acuff has a pretty good idea. Clear off a shelf in your house. When you finish a book between now and December 31, 2014, you put the book on your shelf. Not sure how that works for you ereader types. 

You can follow Sir Acuff’s fun on Pinterest.

Now, I’d planned on making a list of books to recommend…even started one. But it took so long and I just knew I’d forget a whole bunch of them. I thought, instead, that I’d give you my To-Read list. I’m also hoping you’ll share a few books that you plan on reading, too. Also, if you have a MUST READ book, let me know what it is.

You can find my “Empty-Shelf-To-Read list” on Goodreads by following this link. HERE.

I plan to add to my list. What should I put on there?



16 Comments on “The Empty Shelf

  1. This is a great idea! Love it. I just moved into a new house and have been arranging my books. I look forward to doing this. Also, your 2014 book list is quite wonderful; many of my favorites are on it. I know You’ll have a great reading year!


    • Congratulations on the house, Alexis! I know many good words will be read and written there. I’m planning on adding to the list here and there. I’m just a painfully slow reader. I simply can’t get through all the books I’d like to in a year. I hope heaven has a fabulous library so I can get caught up.


  2. I think I am going to jump on this bandwagon. I realized in talking to one of my sisters that I haven’t read many books this year. I have been wondering why my writing/inspiration speed has been declining and now I know why. Something cannot be well written if the author is not well read.

    I am starting with the book: Radical. Not sure of the author, but it was recommended by a very trusted friend, so I know it will be worth my time.


  3. Susie, what a great idea!

    I read Madman this year and really liked it (and it’s always a bonus when you know the author). With that in mind, I just added My Mother’s Chamomile to my want to read list!

    Ender’s Game is also on my reading list — as well as my Netflix queue — but I’m not sure if I will read the book first or watch the movie.

    Thanks for sharing your list — and happy reading!


    • Hey, thanks, Peter! I appreciate it.

      As for me, I prefer to read a book first before seeing the movie. I like to put the pictures together in my head before I see what the movie maker envisioned. You know?

      Happy reading back to you! I’m excited to see how much we all read this year!


  4. This is a wonderful idea! I will be moving to a new home soon too, so I could do this. Susie, I’m a painfully slow reader too! I don’t like that, because there’s so many books I want to read and I keep buying them! I can’t wait to read “My Mother’s Chamomile!” I love to hold a real book. When can I get my hands on it?


    • Hi, Myrna! Congratulations on the new home! How exciting.

      Thanks for being excited to read Chamomile! It releases as an ebook and paperbook on the same day this time. I’ll have a book signing at Baker in February. I’d love to see you there!


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