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My worth is not held in the stars

I’m going to admit a little secret. I read my reviews. Yeah, I know I probably shouldn’t. It gives fuel for the inner voice that’s mean to me. And the good reviews can inflate my head/ego. But I can’t stop. I’ve tried. And all along,… Continue Reading “My worth is not held in the stars”

Not My Flavor

I love coffee. You all know that, I’m sure. And I really like it with flavored creamers. I know. I know. They’re full of chemicals and fat and sugar. Still, I really enjoy them. The other day, my hubby went to the store for… Continue Reading “Not My Flavor”

The Empty Shelf

Jon Acuff has a pretty good idea. Clear off a shelf in your house. When you finish a book between now and December 31, 2014, you put the book on your shelf. Not sure how that works for you ereader types.  You can follow… Continue Reading “The Empty Shelf”

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