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My worth is not held in the stars

I’m going to admit a little secret. I read my reviews. Yeah, I know I probably shouldn’t. It gives fuel for the inner voice that’s mean to me. And the good reviews can inflate my head/ego. But I can’t stop. I’ve tried. And all along,…

On Feeling Like You Just Aren’t All That Good.

The other day I looked at my computer and read something so very, very, VERY discouraging. These things happen. And they’ve happened to me more recently. There’s just something about putting your work into the public that is vulnerable-making. Especially with this one reality:…

>Faith, Doubt and Canned Corn

>I’m reading this really great book. It’s called “O Me of Little Faith” by Jason Boyett. It’s all about doubt within the Christian life. It strikes a chord with me because I have struggled with doubt throughout my years on earth…even though I grew…

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