Breathing Options

Hey, Friends!

If you’ve been hanging around my Facebook or Twitter the past few months, you’ll know that I’m involved in the Breathe Christian Writers Conference. I’m on the planning committee and this year I get to present a workshop called The Art of Conversation (it’s about writing dialogue).

Some of you wanted to come, but were unable to get away for a whole weekend. Others of you aren’t writers and would feel out of place at an all weekend conference.

Well, I have a few options for you. You can still be part of Breathe….yes, you can. Let me tell you how.

1. Come to an author event on Thursday


Baker Book House (my absolutely FAVORITE book store in all the world) is hosting 5 novelists on Thursday, October 9 at 7 pm. We’ll share a bit about our writing, read from our novels, sign books, guzzle coffee, etc. I would love to see you there. This is a FREE event and I believe it will be buckets of fun.


2. Friday Evening at Breathe

Speaking of buckets of fun…

This year the Breathe Committee is inviting everyone to come to the Friday evening plenary session (basically, the big evening event). Alison Hodgson will share from her wells of hilarity and encouragement and Julie Cantrell (author of two gorgeous novels which have both won international attention and a case full of trophies…and my heart) will inspire us. After the session is over Credo Communications (my literary agency…not to brag or anything) is hosting a reception (cookies, my friends…there will be COOKIES!). This is a great night for readers and writers alike. You can register for this event ($10 online) until tomorrow (Thursday) or you can take the chance of purchasing a ticket at the door ($12)…but, just know that we might run out of room. So, registering online is the best good option.


I would love to see you this week! If you do come, make sure you stop over and say “hey” to me. Maybe introduce yourself if we haven’t met face-to-face. We can share a cookie, sip our coffee, and have a great old time.

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