Rules of the Great Depression: Make Do

There were four rules of The Great Depression that helped folks make it through those tough economic times. Use it up Wear it out Make do Do without Yesterday we talked about using up what we've got and wearing it out. Today, we're going to discuss making do. We live in a culture of disposables. Nothing [...]

I have too many books

When I was in high school I bought a copy of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. I had a small, particle board book case in my bedroom and I lovingly placed the book on it. That was the beginning of my book Those were the days of $3 Bantam Classics. And the days of [...]

Little By Little. Slow and Steady.

In case you didn't know, I'm working on my third novel. It's (for now) called A CUP OF DUST and it's (I hope) the first in a series about my character, Pearl Spence. I just want you to know that I love this book. I love the characters...even the antagonist (the bad guy). I love [...]


I just finished reading Satisfied by Jeff Manion the teaching pastor at my church. He wrote about how to live with satisfaction in this world where consumerism drives us to every store in town, encouraging us to fill our trunks with things, convincing us that the more we have, the happier we'll be. We aren't our [...]

Up and Down. Down and Up.

The past week has been a roller coaster. The kind that is part thrill, part terror. Excitement mixed with anxiety with a chaser of joy added to grief. Book signing and friends coming to visit and encouragement. Bombs and floods and explosions and bad news about a friend. And writing a second novel that is [...]

In The Water

CONGRATULATIONS to my three lovely necklace winners! Wendy V, Aubrey M, and Kelley L! I'll be in touch to get addresses and what letter you'd like on your necklace! There's just something about water. How it refreshes. That first touch of the lake on your toes after a long winter. The way a hot shower [...]