In The Water

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There’s just something about water. How it refreshes. That first touch of the lake on your toes after a long winter. The way a hot shower feels after a stressful day.

Something about water has the power to inspire.

This weekend, at my church, I had the blessing to witness four baptisms. They climbed into the mini-pool like baptismal as a lady read the testimony they’d written ahead of them. Then, after a few words from Jeff Manion (our teaching pastor), they were lowered into the water and brought back up. New.

This is the power of water.

I was moved by the stories of restored faith. Of redemption. Of excitement. Their baptisms brought tears to my eyes because they reminded me of my own. And they reminded me of the grace we have been freely given.

But then, something different happened. Someone else got in the water.

I don’t remember her name. But I do remember how scared she looked when she walked on that stage. And I remember a few words from her testimony…

“Mental Illness.”


“I feel like I belong.”

She struggled to climb up the steps and over the edge of the baptismal. When she got in the water, she sat on the built in seat and trained her eyes away from the congregation.

Jeff Manion took her hand. And looked right into her eyes.

“We love you…we’re so glad you’re part of us…”

I wept. Right there in my seat. I’m crying now, at home in front of my computer.

Because she was alone. Now she’s loved. She’s part of us. Not because of her decision to be baptized. Not because Jeff Manion said so.

But because Jesus. Because Jesus.

Jeff lowered her into the water. He lifted her back out. She climbed awkwardly back out of the tub.

She was different.

Not because of the water. Or the words. But because Jesus.

She inspires me.

Because of her courage.

You see, I believe that the change in her began before she every stepped on that stage. Before her testimony was read. Before she stuck her toe in that baptismal.

The change happened the minute she decided to get in the water.

Tell me. What has inspired you lately? It can be anything. Let’s encourage each other with inspiration we’ve allowed to warm our hearts and minds. I love to hear from each of you!

7 Comments on “In The Water

  1. She looked different, because she “Looked like Jesus.” That is the goal of our daily walk, to look more like Jesus today, then we did yesterday, and work hard to look more like him tomorrow then we do today. Steve


  2. Children inspire me. Their unpretentiousness, their openness, their curiosity, their playfulness, their deep need for hugs and affection, their playfulness, their unbounded joy. When I am tired and exhausted and wanting to hide from the world, one smile or laugh from a child sends a spark of energy through my body, and suddenly I’m able to run and jump and play with the best of ’em. They inspire me to be a child to my heavenly Father; to sit at his feet and hold onto him, to enjoy what he has given me, to always ask questions, to hold nothing back, to be open and trusting and willing to share the good as well as the bad, to come running when I hurt, to take comfort in his words, to want to be just like him.


  3. Right now my inspiration is feeling a little flat but I know it’s because it’s the end of winter (happens every year) but as soon as those trees bud. Oh I feel like I can see the glory of God when the trees begin to bloom.


    • I hear ya, Jess! This time of year can be draining on me, too. I google pictures of cherry blossoms and magnolia trees when I need a pick me up. 🙂


  4. Love this! So beautiful. 🙂 I think when we share our stories (word of our testimony) that is inspiring for me.


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