Ask Susie – What Writers’ Spouses Must Know

Hey, howdy! Make sure you watch the video to find out how to enter to win a cool necklace (it’s customizable!!!)! Have a great weekend!

22 Comments on “Ask Susie – What Writers’ Spouses Must Know

  1. You are a HOOT!!! I love you! You are great, you are awesome, you are a wonderful writer!!! This is a verbal hug for you!!! Hopefully, you are not making “the face” right now! Love you, Debra


    • Oh, please. I have to fit out the door later…allow me to deflate my head. I love you, too, Debra! And I will be making that face later on. πŸ™‚


  2. I don’t know how to tag you – instructions, please. I WANT that Susie Finkbeiner original faux typewriter key necklace, dang it!!! πŸ™‚ I WILL learn to be techno-savvy – even if my kids refuse to teach me!!!!


    • Okay. All you have to do (assuming you’re on a computer) is to write my name. A screen will pop up. Click on my name. Shazam. Tag. Or, if that doesn’t work, just tell me in the comments that you did it…which you kind of just did. πŸ™‚


  3. Thank you for attending to my questions. A couple of comments, addressed to my spouse.

    First, as a writer, I need to be alone to write. Without interruptions. As in, off-limits. Sometimes I miss you (my spouse) so much even when we are in the same house, that I will try to sit near you while writing. This is stupid. Because I know that you will try to engage me in conversation. And I will get very irritated when you keep interrupting my thoughts. But it is not your fault. I am being stupid for even attempting to share my time with you and my jealous Muse. She tolerates no rivals. Better to leave the pen and paper (and laptop) behind in the Closet of Composition when the intent is to spend time with you. But remember that Writing is an intoxicating addiction, and I must return to it every so often or withdrawal begins – and you don’t want to see me go through that kind of pain. So when I disappear to spend some precious time with my mistress – and it sometimes takes hours for the Muse to grant favors – please be patient with me; let me hide in my little monk’s cell with my parchment and quill, inscribing the Unholy Thoughts of the Rambling Mind, and do not stop loving me. Do not perceive it as a slight against you that I disappear at the most inopportune of times. It is my therapy, my rehabilitation, my psychiatric couch. It is a necessity. When i have slaked my thirst at the Pondering Pool, I will return. And I will once more rejoin you in the Real Life, smiling and laughing and holding your hand and making those memories that will sustain us as we travel thought this life together.

    And please don’t look over my shoulder, or ask to read what I have read. You are the one person whose approval I crave most of all, and I do not want to present you with anything less than the most perfect version of my thoughts. Let me be the one to determine when it is ready for Your Eyes.

    And when you do finally read those thoughts, do not interpret them as an indictment against our relationship. As a Writer, it is my job to imagine the minds and thoughts of characters as far removed from the both of us as the earth is from the sun; a novel of our life could never be a best-seller because you have smoothed the pathway, covered the rocks and gaps, showered it with flowers and lined it with all manner of delectable fruit-bearing trees. Should there be any hint or reflection of you, it would be only in the grace, delicacy and beauty of the heroine who overcomes tremendous obstacles, inspiring all with her devotion and constancy.

    Most important, remember that, though I have been in love with my mistress far longer than with you (for she came to me at a tender age), she is, in comparison, nothing but a trifling wind, a paltry breeze. Were it ever to come down to a choice between my writing and my wife, it would be as no choice at all; for you are my True Love; and it is to you that I devote my self, my all, and my heart.


  4. Yeah I have a question…it’s a good one…and you’ve inspired me to ask it…
    What’s a sasquatch?
    Do they come from Saskatchewan? Or Sasquatchewan???


  5. As a brand new follower of your blog, I’d like to jump in on my first Susie Finkbeiner contest! I have been enjoying your day-in-the-life take on being a writer and am super encouraged by you, Susie. So here’s my shout out from a quirky little mountain town in Colorado, “Please enter me in your contest to win the cool faux typewriter necklace!”

    And a question for “Ask Susie” …
    How do you track writing outside articles and manage blog time while writing your book? Do you have a schedule or do you just wing it?


    • Hi there, Kelley! I’m so glad you’re here. I think quirky little towns are fabulous. I’ve never had the pleasure of living in one (I’ve been in one city or another all my life), but I sure do like visiting them!

      And that is a GREAT question. I will add that to my “Ask Susie” list. Hm. How do I do that…

      Again, thanks for coming over and hanging out with us. I’m happy to have you!


  6. Well, I don’t do caffeine, but I completely identify with the “no interruption” clause — especially if I’m in the zone. If you distract me when I’m in the zone, I might lose the next 500 words — and they’re really hard to get back. As for hugs, I’m always open for them (unless I’m in the zone).


  7. Great advice, Susie. My question is “What can I do to inspire my future writer? What advice do you have for a pre-teen who is interested in writing, but struggles with getting the ideas from her head to the paper?” Keep up the good work!


    • Aubrey, I’m sure Susie will have more helpful thoughts, but my first idea is to find other pre-teen writers for your pre-teen to hang out with. They need to be encouraged by others their age who like to write and be assured that writing isn’t weird.


  8. Susie, you are such a breath from fresh air. You crack me up! So I HAVE to ask you a question because those necklaces are SUPER cute! Anywho, Do you have a favorite time to write? Day? Night? Any time? I give you and Amelia total props for having families and having books that have come out this year. You guys are awesome and my inspiration! I haven’t had a chance to read Paint Chips…but I am all over it as soon as I can snag a hard copy (and have you sign it of course πŸ˜‰ ) You rock!


  9. Love it Susie! (The video and the necklace!) Going to try to figure out where the link is to repost now too. Can’t wait to read your book! I’m the old fashioned reader of actual paper books. πŸ™‚


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