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Dishes and Bluegrass

Dishes and laundry are never ending, impossible to win, mind numbing chores. And I hate chores. Always have. Always will. But, last night, my dishes had found their way into my sink. Seriously. I think they breed there. I didn’t have a chance to… Continue Reading “Dishes and Bluegrass”

In The Water

CONGRATULATIONS to my three lovely necklace winners! Wendy V, Aubrey M, and Kelley L! I’ll be in touch to get addresses and what letter you’d like on your necklace! There’s just something about water. How it refreshes. That first touch of the lake on… Continue Reading “In The Water”

What’s Your Story — Breathe

Howdy, Friends! If you’re new here (or if you’ve been hanging around for awhile), and you like what you see, please make sure to subscribe by entering your email on the right side-bar. That will make sure that these posts are delivered right to… Continue Reading “What’s Your Story — Breathe”

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