Dishes and Bluegrass

Dishes and laundry are never ending, impossible to win, mind numbing chores. And I hate chores. Always have. Always will.

But, last night, my dishes had found their way into my sink. Seriously. I think they breed there. I didn’t have a chance to write a single word during the day and had planned to write after dinner.

But the dishes. Oh. The dishes.


My writing space is in the kitchen. And all I could see were the dishes, food crunchifying on their surfaces.

I got up, turned on the faucet, and started scrubbing. Do I need to add that this was the second load of dishes for the day? Or is that just something we all understand? Stinking breeding dishes.

I turned on Pandora (I know…I’m so 2007…whatcha gonna do about it?).


I’ve been listening to a lot of Bluegrass lately. A. Lot. It’s what gets me into the mode of writing this new novel.

Scrubbing dishes. Banjo twanging. Rinsing cups. Voice lilting.

Mind on a daydream vacation.

I don’t mind washing dishes when my imagination drifts.

I thought of my character and her friend. Remembered a story I heard that inspired me. Heard my protagonist’s voice, hollering at her friend (a happy holler).

The beginning of the novel popped into my head.

And, I think, it’s a good beginning. It sets the mood. Gets the reader ready for what I want them to experience. Invites them into the story world of my protagonist.

Oooo. I can’t wait to tell you about this novel. But I’m not ready quite yet. I think you might just like it!

Now. Off to write!

9 Comments on “Dishes and Bluegrass

    • Oh, good. One of my hippest friends approves. 😉

      I REALLY want to talk about it…but that’s a no-no. I’m glad you’re excited about it…that makes me smile.


  1. Doing mindless activity often frees my mind to create. But I’ve learned that as soon as a new idea crystalizes, I must immediately stop doing whatever I’m doing and write. Otherwise I risk losing it completely — or at least losing some intensity.

    …so, did you finish the dishes or just start writing? (The dishes will always be there, but inspiration can come and go.)


    • I didn’t have to stop doing the dishes because I played the scene out in my head for the remainder of the washing. 🙂 Then I jotted notes in my “idea journal”.

      What do you think? Should I invest in some paper plates? Ha ha.


  2. I didn’t know Pandora was 2007! I am dreadfully out of the loop then. But I use Pandora too, for the same reason, I can pull up music that sets the mood for my characters. Yes! Use paper plates, they serve dual purpose, you can throw them out and when inspiration strikes you can also write notes on them! Thanks for a post that I could relate to and made me laugh! Writing Susies unite!


  3. My thoughts: if those are actually your cupboards in the picture, you are very brave to stack your coffee mugs like that. Mine would never make it. Also, my dishes are currently done (or all but a few); however, I have about 6 loads of laundry on the sofa that are clean and need to be folded and put away. How does that even happen? I suppose we could try to see it as a reminder to be thankful that we have clothes and food? And it is good to be inspired as we do the mindless work. Oh! One more thing…..if you like bluegrass, check out Sleepy Man Banjo Boys sometime; they will inspire you for sure.


  4. Yeah, what’s with those darn dishes breeding like rabbits all the time? : )

    Some of my best writing ideas have come to me whilst doing dishes. And, hey…I’m still a Pandora girl, sticking to my 2007 guns.


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