I’m currently in the first draft phase of writing a new novel. It’s an exciting,




process. And I love every little bit of it.

I’m researching and writing and dreaming. Part of my process is sketching what I think a scene should look like (because I’m afraid I’ll forget it when the time comes to write the scene). This novel will have more visuals than my other two books (and BIG visuals, at that).

So, the other day, I drew this…

IMG_20131006_120104I posted it to Facebook and it got quite the reaction.

I thought I’d put it up here and see what you think…

Can you figure out what’s going on in this sketch? Or can you come up with your own fun idea?

I know what this scene means…but I’m not going to tell!

(by the way, as I said on Facebook, this is why I write and haven’t pursued the life of an illustrator)

5 Comments on “Pictionary

  1. Is this like the Rorschach ink blot tests?

    Anyway, I see a guy and a girl. He just proposed and she jumped for joy. (By the way, they’re on cloud 9.)


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