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WINNER! Denise V. is the winner of the “What’s Your Story” necklace. Congratulations, Denise! 

A year ago, I walked into a church in West Olive, Michigan to attend The Breathe Christian Writers Conference. I have to tell you, I was pretty nervous and intimidated.

This year, I stood at the doors at a church in Dutton, Michigan, greeting people as they entered the very same conference. I have to tell you, I was beyond excited. And caffeinated.

This conference is much like a family reunion. Well, one where you don’t have to give your mustachioed aunt a kiss (not that I have a mustachioed aunt. All of my aunts are gorgeous and lovely).

Originally, I’d wanted to give a play-by-play of the conference. But I would prefer to tell you about the best inspiration I had from the weekend.

Anne Schmidt shared from the book she co-wrote with her husband (Gary Schmidt). The book is called Acceptable Words: Prayers for the Writer. She read a quote that has not left my mind for three days.

Eric Liddell was a runner (see “Chariots of Fire” to learn more about him). As the story goes, his sister questioned why he put off going into the mission field so that he could run on the English Olympic team.

“When I run, I feel God’s pleasure,” he answered.

Anne then turned the quote.

“When you write, do you feel God’s pleasure?” she asked.

Her question brought tears to my eyes. My lungs contracted. Cheeks flushed. Because, yes, I do. Sometimes I know that He is pleased with me as I tap away on the keyboard. Occasionally, I feel His glory as I edit. Just a little bit. More often than not, I am aware of His great mercy when something I write actually comes together. He is my purpose. My inspiration. My primary audience.

When I write, I feel God’s pleasure.

When I’m at my annual writers family reunion, I feel God’s pleasure.

When I live the story that He has given me, I feel God’s pleasure.

And His pleasure feels like love to me.

Tell me, what is it that you do that makes you feel God’s pleasure? What are you passionate about? Did you attend the Breathe Conference? What encouraged you? Your voice is important here. Please join the conversation!

6 Comments on “What’s Your Story — Breathe

  1. I loved her talk! I picked up the book and had her sign it. Can’t wait to read it.


  2. Very true – everything you said! And your last line about God’s pleasure feeling like love captured the theme of the last speaker, Sharon Brown, whose topic was on writing as the beloved. All good – all these precious words we received from God! I will be calling you :)!


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