Rules of the Great Depression: Make Do

There were four rules of The Great Depression that helped folks make it through those tough economic times. Use it up Wear it out Make do Do without Yesterday we talked about using up what we've got and wearing it out. Today, we're going to discuss making do. We live in a culture of disposables. Nothing [...]

The Rules of the Great Depression: Use It Up. Wear It Out.

There were four rules to surviving the Great Depression: Use it up Wear it out Make do Do without Folks in my soon-to-release novel A Trail of Crumbs: A Novel of the Great Depression (coming March 27...wink, wink) had to follow these rules in order to hold onto their hard earned (and often hard to come by) [...]

4 Ways Depression Era Housewives Were Tougher than I am

It's no big secret. I'm not the world's best housewife. But when compared to the housewives of the 1930s? Oh, please. I'm like a little slug compared to them. I did a good deal of research into what life was like during The Great Depression for the Pearl Spence Series.  The women of that era? [...]

5 Depression Era Tricks for Saving on Groceries

  I consider myself a frugal shopper. I clip coupons, compare prices, shop the sales. But my accumulative savings are nothing - NOTHING - compared to the housewives of the Great Depression. While researching for the Pearl Spence Novels, I learned how the women of the 1930s managed their shopping budgets during those tough economic times. [...]

Open your eyes. You’re home.

When I was a kid we went on several road trips. Most of them took us to Ludington where we visited family, ran up and over sand dunes, and let the waves of Lake Michigan push us here and there and everywhere. The drive there was full of anticipation. I couldn't hardly wait to play [...]

Selfies with Food — Crazy Wacky Cake

In the Dust Bowl (the setting for A Cup of Dust, releasing this October), folks had very few options for groceries. They often got food from the "Relief Truck", but didn't always get fresh items (like dairy items or meat). They had to make due with what they had. That's what today's recipe is all [...]

Selfies With Food — Dandelion Salad?

 During the Great Depression, folks showed off how resourceful they could be. I learned this simple fact while researching for A Cup of Dust. Need a salad to go with your goulash? Why not find some dandelions? I'm not kidding. Apparently, dandelion greens (the leaves that rest tight against the ground) have more calcium than kale. [...]

Selfies With Food — Goulash

Welcome to Selfies With Food, my new (hopefully) fun blog segment where I prepare, eat, and take selfies with Depression Era recipes. Why would I do such a thing? Because my novel A Cup of Dust is set in Depression Era Oklahoma. Also because I like food. And selfies. And food. Did I mention that already?  [...]

Selfies with the Stewed Tomatoes — Wait…What?

 I don't always pose for a selfie with food. But when I do, I make sure they're ingredients for a Depression Era recipe. No, really. In case you didn't get the memo, I have a novel releasing in October. The story is set in the fictional town of Red River, Oklahoma in 1934. It's a [...]