Up and Down. Down and Up.

The past week has been a roller coaster. The kind that is part thrill, part terror. Excitement mixed with anxiety with a chaser of joy added to grief.

Book signing and friends coming to visit and encouragement.

Bombs and floods and explosions and bad news about a friend.

And writing a second novel that is using up all my emotional strength. And a novel that I’m falling in love with as I write it. More for the characters than anything. And knowing the pain they have to endure. Because we all live through pain. Don’t we?

We all have to learn how to navigate the

Up and Down. Down and Up.

But, in the Down, it’s so hard to trust.

And, this week, I’ve had to do more trusting than I like to do.

So, right now, I’m choosing to trust God in one thing at a time.

It’s what I can do.

Today, I’m trusting Him to hold me together. And to show me mercy. Which He’s already done today.

I’ll trust Him as I go

Up and Down.

Down and Up.

(many thanks to Jeff Manion for his sermon on trust this weekend. Little did I know how much I would need that message this week)


4 Comments on “Up and Down. Down and Up.

  1. You are in my prayers, my dear. Thanks for sharing your doubts and encouragement! God is always with us. You are loved!


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