Changing Things Up…And Making Them Fun

Friends of mine,

I had every intention of recording this for your viewing pleasure. However, that pleasure would have been horror if you heard my husky man voice. No. I’m not turning into a Sasquatch. It’s just some sinus/sore throat/upper respiratory thing. Ugh. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

That’s the changing things up (because I’m writing this, not speaking it).

Here’s the Making Them Fun…

Here in Michigan, we have a coffee shop called “Biggby“. They have some of the most loyal customers. I mean it. These people are die-hard. Anyway. The customers take a signature Biggby cup with them, taking pictures of it all over the place. Then, Biggby uses those pictures to make a collage.

I’m totally taking that idea and running with it.

That’s where you come in.

I’m going to have a photo contest! Here’s how it will work…

1. Take pictures of your copy of Paint Chips (you can even do this with the copy on your digital device) in fun, interesting places. (TIP: Make sure you don’t just get the cover in the photo…I’d love to see WHERE the photo is being taken. Even better if YOU get into the picture). The more creative, the better!

2. Upload that picture to Facebook and TAG ME! It won’t be an official entry until you tag me. 🙂

3. Share it on Twitter, Pinterest, Etc for extra love.

4. Also share the link to the Amazon or Barnes and Noble site where the book can be purchased.

5. Only one entry per person, please. So make sure to enter your favorite one!

6. Just know that tagging me in the picture is your way of giving me permission to use your photo on this blog and for promo materials. Tagging me means you aren’t going to sue me. 🙂

7. On May 10, I will post all the pictures on this blog and we’ll vote on the best ones (in a few different categories: Giggles, Striking, Crazy Creative, and Best Over All).

8. Voting will remain open all weekend and winners will be announced Monday, May 13.

9. Best Over All wins a $15 gift certificate to Better Way Imports and a signed, paperback copy of Paint Chips to keep or give away. Winners in the other 3 categories will win a $5 gift certificate to Better Way Imports and a digital copy of Paint Chips to keep or give away!

NOTE: Gift certificates orders must be placed with Kathi Hanson (Freedom Fighter working with Better Way Imports). I promise you, she is awesome. It’s a well documented fact. She is fabulous. Truth. I will link you up with Kathi when the winners are announced. You’ll love her.

Okey Dokey. Time for Fun!

Ready. Set. GOOOOOOO!




4 Comments on “Changing Things Up…And Making Them Fun

  1. Ok, so I was all set to post this on my FB wall…. when I read the end… it might seem quite self serving now… 🙂 Oh well, I’ll do it anyway! 🙂 Love you!!


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