Let It Go

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I’ve had a headache for as long as I remember. Seriously. A throbbing, annoying, sometimes agonizing headache.

I learned to live with it. Took LOTS of ibuprofen. Talked to doctors. Ignored it.

A few weeks ago, I did a little research online. Don’t worry, I stayed away from WebMD. It’s a great service unless you’re completely neurotic like I am. If you’re like me, you find out on that site that you are surely dying. That you need to say your final goodbyes, get the will in order, and try to find a purple casket (hm. I wonder if they have purple caskets? Quick Google search says…YES).

Okay. Back on topic. I looked up my symptoms. Headache. Icky tummy (you don’t need details). Eczema. All arrows pointed to gluten as the problem. So I quit. I let it go. Cut it out.

And, you know what? The second day, I didn’t have a headache. Not even a tiny one. And my tummy felt fine. And by the fourth day, the eczema started to clear up a little. I am not kidding you.

Someone was talking about numbers the other day…and I UNDERSTOOD what she was saying. My brain is so much clearer.

I just had to let go of about 50% of the food I normally eat. Guess what. It’s worth it!

In my writing life, I’ve found that, at times, I have to let some things go in order to have a good story. (Good transition, huh? Don’t judge me…I have a sinus infection).

Monday, on Novel Matters, Patti Hill  wrote about deleted scenes in books. How letting go of certain bits of writing can be beneficial.

I have a few characters that I need to push out of the book. A few scenes that need tightening. I need to let it go.

I want to have a clear book. One that isn’t muddied up by things that I actually like. Because those things (especially certain characters) only serve to complicate my plot.

It’s the same for most things in life. Getting rid of clutter makes life easier. Clearing up a calendar can serve to rid us of stress.

Sometimes letting go is just so soothing.

How about you? What have you let go recently? Has it made life easier or harder? Is there something you need to let go of?

2 Comments on “Let It Go

    • Oh, Jennifer. I am working on letting go of envy, too. Seems this business is absolutely full of it! It’s a tough one. But, on the days when I can let it go, I feel much better about life. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by. I’m really enjoying getting to know you (at least online).


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