Sign Me UP!







The Table at Baker Book House.

The last week and a half has been INSANELY surreal. Three book signings/parties will do that to a girl.

Me, explaining to the audience that what I really wanted to be was a cast member on Saturday Night Live.
Laughing at my goofy friend, Justin. He Salman Rushdied me. If you don’t know that story…check out the link below.

Salman Rushdie story HERE

A very sweet friend came all the way from OHIO for the signing! Thanks, Natalie!

After the Baker Book Signing, I had a more relaxed release party in Middleville, Michigan.

My pal Amelia! Her book "Isn't It Time For A Coffee Break" released in January.
My pal Amelia! Her book “Isn’t It Time For A Coffee Break” released in January.
The Lovely Jen Gusey served as my event photog. Kind of like having the paparazzi around…only cuter.
My Bro.
Kathi and Cheryl
Kathi and Cheryl. A few very sweet and dear friends of mine.
Fun fact. Michelle edited Paint Chips before I sent it along to WhiteFire Publishing. Boy. Did she go through the red pens. But she’s really nice about things like edits and tense issues. That’s why she’s amazing.

Then, a release party at Great Lakes Christian College. Ryan Apple and I teamed up. He signed his CD’s, I signed a few books.

Chatting it up with my college professor and mentor, George Brown.
Darcie is a saint. She lived with me in college. If you know me, you’ll understand why that makes her such an amazing person.
Ryan and me
Ryan Apple is a very talented musician. And he’s a pretty swell buddy of mine, too.
And another very sweet and forgiving soul. Carrie was also my roommate. Seriously. I’m not all that easy to live with…

Needless to say (but I’m going to say it anyway), it has been an exhilarating, amazing, terrifying few weeks. And there is even more to come!

Sorry that I don’t have a video for you this week. I sound like a frog and look like Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer. Not really all that attractive.

We’ll save a video for when I sound like a canary and look like, well, me.


2 Comments on “Sign Me UP!

  1. A saint…. hmmm? You really weren’t that hard to live with! I mean, you did save my life from the fire. 😉 It was great to see you again! Your kids are super cute (and some of the pictures they took turned out fairly well, although maybe not so flattering)! ❤


    • Ha. I guess not sleeping paid off at least once. 🙂 Your kids are adorable, too. I was glad to have our kids hang out together! We should do that more often.


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