Prayers For Hedy

Yesterday, I wrote about a woman who touched my life when I was a mullet headed little girl.

Today, I’m writing an extra post about a woman who has pointed me to Jesus for a good part of my adult life.

Hedy Clayton is the kind of woman who shakes things up. Moves mountains. Not with super human strength. But with humble, soft spoken prayers.

If you ask Hedy for prayer, she’ll do it. But, watch out. You never know what amazing things will happen when she prays.

It’s not that her prayers are heard by God more than anyone else’s. It’s that she actually DOES pray. And she BELIEVES that He hears her.

A couple of years ago, she told me she’d pray for me to find a publisher. After I signed the book contract with WhiteFire for Paint Chips, she was not surprised at all. Delighted. But not surprised. Because she prayed for it. So, she knew something would happen.

I love Hedy.

Well, today, Hedy is asking for prayers. For herself. And this is a rare thing. She’s usually asking for prayers for other people. But today, she’s in need of them.

Today, she is having a lung biopsy. And she’s asking for prayers of healing.

Oh. And she asked us all to pray for one of her sons who is in China.

So, would you please pray for Hedy? It would mean the world to her.

Thank you, My Friends.

4 Comments on “Prayers For Hedy

  1. The Father of all LOVE and power will hear us too. Thanks for letting us be a part of the miracle that’s going to come for this awesome woman! Love you, Sooze!


  2. You said it so well!! I was thinking of her this morning. What an AMAZING woman of God!


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