In Memory

I had a ridiculous post written. I quoted Chumbawamba (a band from 1997). I was crazy  in that post.

I deleted it.

Here’s why. I just found out that a really great woman died.

Her name is Winifred Olds. She had a name that many in Lansing, Michigan (my home town) knew. And I want to tell you why I know her name.

Way back, when I was in fourth grade, I was an awkward, mullet headed, wart fingered little girl. And what I lacked in confidence, I made up for in…well…poor fashion sense.

I wasn’t one of the cool kids.

My safe place was at church. Calvary United Methodist Church on Pennsylvania road in Lansing, Michigan. Want to know why I was safe? Because most everyone at that church was somehow related to me. And, if they weren’t related, they were a bit older and thought my mullet was cute.

My church put on melodramas. The “whoa is me”, “alas”, and “well, I never” type of melodramas. And I loved it. My job? Standing in for my sister Ginger. She missed 78.5% of the rehearsals. I had all of her lines memorized. I may or may not have prayed that she’d miss the performance so that I could be on that little, itty bitty stage.

Winifred Olds directed the play. And she knew her stuff. She was a real, honest to goodness actress. Like. For. Real.

And she said I was a good little actress.


And when she said that, it made me feel big and small and nervous and proud all at the very same time.

Because I didn’t always feel good at things. And I really loved how it felt to slip into the character and say the bold, brash, crazy, funny things written in the script.

And Winifred said I did it well.

She injected confidence into my life.

And I know I wasn’t the only one to receive her warm encouragement.

I’m so thankful to have had her in my life. Just at a time when I needed encouragement more than anything else.

She had a hand in making me who I am.

How about you? Who had a hand in making you who you are? I love reading what you have to say. Let’s take today to honor those who have helped us along in this life!

5 Comments on “In Memory

  1. It’s painful and beautiful to honor someone who has died. I have a dear friend who died this weekend. He is partly the reason why my hubby and I met and married. And then he came to live with us! He was full of infectious joy and, though he could be crazy-goofy, was sweetly tender hearted. I’m about to leave for his visitation and my heart is heavy yet deeply grateful for his fingerprint on our lives.


  2. Losses are hard. What a beautiful tribute you’ve written. I attended a private school and many of the teachers shaped me into who I am today. Some years in November I take each day to write a note and thank those who have impacted my life.

    Eager to read your book!


    • Pamela, what a great idea! I think I’ll put November as month to write my appreciation. It’s going right on the calendar!

      And, thank you. I hope you enjoy the book.


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