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Dorothy’s Cross

Dorothy was the kind of relative one needs a chart to understand. Married to the cousin of my grandmother. She seventy. I seven. She the giver of baggies of treats, cans of coke, sweet smiles. She the scolder when her sister told tales of Gypsies… Continue Reading “Dorothy’s Cross”

Gathering Wonder

Last night I finished reading Mockingjay, the last book in the Hunger Games series. I can’t so much say that I enjoyed it. Some books aren’t written to entertain. They’re written to jar and turn a mirror to the reader so she can see… Continue Reading “Gathering Wonder”

In Memory

I had a ridiculous post written. I quoted Chumbawamba (a band from 1997). I was crazy  in that post. I deleted it. Here’s why. I just found out that a really great woman died. Her name is Winifred Olds. She had a name that… Continue Reading “In Memory”

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