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The Next Year People

The people living in the wasteland of the Dust Bowl region knew suffering. It was beside them, trickling in through every crack in the roof, they breathed it in with every inhalation. Suffering was ever present in their every moment. Still, many of them… Continue Reading “The Next Year People”

When Your Heart Is Heavy and Troubled

Can I be perfectly and totally honest with you? My heart is heavy. Troubled. Burdened. I’ve been biting the inside of my cheek a lot the last few days (one of my don’t-cry coping skills). Oh. I’m fine. The kids are great. Marriage is… Continue Reading “When Your Heart Is Heavy and Troubled”

Prayers For Hedy

Yesterday, I wrote about a woman who touched my life when I was a mullet headed little girl. Today, I’m writing an extra post about a woman who has pointed me to Jesus for a good part of my adult life. Hedy Clayton is… Continue Reading “Prayers For Hedy”

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