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When Your Heart Is Heavy and Troubled

Can I be perfectly and totally honest with you? My heart is heavy. Troubled. Burdened. I’ve been biting the inside of my cheek a lot the last few days (one of my don’t-cry coping skills). Oh. I’m fine. The kids are great. Marriage is… Continue Reading “When Your Heart Is Heavy and Troubled”

Layers — How I’m Like Cora

In Paint Chips, Cora has a dream in which she covers herself, head to toe, with paint. “Cans full of paint sat all around me. Different colors. Green. Orange. Blue. Yellow. They filled the living room of the mountain shack. I stuck my hands… Continue Reading “Layers — How I’m Like Cora”

Sweet Anticipation

Okay, All, only six more days until “Paint Chips” goes live for digital download! I can’t believe it! Don’t have a digital reading device? Well, I just found out that you can download the Kindle app for FREE on your Smarty-pants phone, IPod Touch,… Continue Reading “Sweet Anticipation”

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