Sweet Anticipation

Okay, All, only six more days until “Paint Chips” goes live for digital download! I can’t believe it! Don’t have a digital reading device? Well, I just found out that you can download the Kindle app for FREE on your Smarty-pants phone, IPod Touch, or computer. Just click HERE to learn more!


I don’t know what to say today.

The kids zipped through their homeschool lessons. We’re making a fox craft this afternoon. I need to get to the post office. PB&J seems to be a reasonable option for lunch. I’m out of spinach, or I’d mix up a salad.

I’m still in my pj’s.

The trash needs to be taken out. Dishes washed. Clothes put away.

Six days until my first novel releases (I’m repeating myself).

Everyone keeps asking if I’m excited. Yup. I am. Elated. In a very quiet way. It’s weird.

I’m a little anxious, too.

In “Paint Chips”, Cora says something that really resonates with my current state of being (I know, they’re my words…but sometimes I forget that I’m the one who wrote them. And, really, they belong to Cora. You’ll understand if you read the book. 😉 ).

Cora says,

I’d never been that nervous before. It felt akin to panic. However, I realized the sweetness to that sensation. That sweetness was joy. The panic, really just anticipation. And that, I concluded, was a very healthy emotion.

So, yes, I’m excited. I’m nervous. Very nervous. But, really, I’m sitting on the edge of my swivel chair, anticipating. Waiting the last six days.

Knowing that I’m not alone.

That’s the sweetest, most joyful part of this.

Thank you for counting down the days with me.

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