How I Woke Up

This morning, I hit the snooze button about 7 times. Achy body. Scratchy throat. Head pounding.

Sitting up in bed, I did the only thing a reasonable person can think to do. I checked my email.

“Not to upset your count down, but…”

Those were the words of my editor. At first, I thought there was a delay. Then I realized that, really, it meant that things moved more quickly than expected.

“Paint Chips” is available now. On Amazon. For Kindle users. HERE! 

I rushed to my laptop. Saw that Amber Timm had already purchased a copy (she posted about it on Facebook). Whoop. Hooray. Yippeee!

And then, I remembered what day it is.

Today is Human Trafficking Awareness Day. A day that our nation focuses on modern day slavery. And I was moved. Because I wrote “Paint Chips” with the desire to open hearts to slavery that happens here, in the United States. And to highlight the huge hope that we have when people stand up and fight for the freedom of others.

One of the points that I wanted to make with “Paint Chips” is that, because of God’s faithfulness, victims can be turned into survivors. Dark to light. Slaves to the redeemed.

And today is the perfect day for me to say, with a humble heart, that all the glory goes to God. I want to point to His love for us and say, “He is mighty to save”.

9 Comments on “How I Woke Up

      • Wow. Just finished it. Heart-wrenching and yet a beautiful story of redemption. (Yep…I cried….several times.) Susie, you have an amazing gift! I loved the chapter where Cora dreams of Jesus scraping off the paint chips… beautiful!!!


  1. In which I will be the second person to buy it. Yeehaw! As I’m building a blog, I had just linked to your site as a potential for something I want mine to look like. Additionally, I work with women in recovery and occasionally meet a woman who has experienced this firsthand. I am thrilled to say that the horror of this does not negate God’s power to redeem and restore. But I believe our first responsibility is to do what we can to stop it from happening in the first place. Thank you for writing such an important book. I can’t wait to read it!


    • Thank you, Suzy! And even more thanks for the work you are doing with recovering women. It is such mercy work and I am grateful for your love for these ladies.


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