I am a Writer

Congratulations to Michelle HS! She won the random drawing for Amelia Rhodes’ book!  

Only 8 days left until you can download your copy of “Paint Chips” on your Nook, Kindle…etc (are there other devises?)! Whoopie!


Yesterday I chatted with a lady from church. We talked about our kids for a few minutes (our boys have the same name and, apparently, similar personalities). Then she said the words that make me sweat and stutter and reveal my true-awkward-self.

“So…what do you do?”

I answered this way…and this is pretty much a direct quote…

“Well, I’m…see…I…I’m a writer…yeah…I…um…w-well…I write…”

Now, after someone I’ve just met asks that question, they follow it up with one of several responses…

1) “That’s nice.” (read: I have no idea how to respond to your crazy life choice)

2) “So, is that, like, a hobby?” (read: EVERYBODY says they’re a writer)

3) They RUN away…RUN!

4) “So, what do you write?” (which is what the lady said yesterday)

The, the even more awkward answer from me…

“I have this…see…I wrote a novel…it’s…well…it’s releasing…”

At which point, the conversation can go a couple different ways…

1) “So, you self-published.” (note that it’s a statement, not a question. And when someone asks this, they don’t realize the very talented and valid writers who have self-published. They just think about the kazillion terribly written books that ooze around the internet.)

2) “Can I have a free copy?” (This is where the people pleaser in me weeps. I wish I could give you all a free copy. But I can’t. Sorry. I’ve got to pay the bills. So does my publisher. Please, don’t ever ask an author for a free copy. It isn’t really fair.)

3) “So…are they going to make a movie?” (Well…I don’t know. It would be pretty cool…)

4)  “What’s it about?” (I love/hate this question. Fortunately, I have what’s called an “elevator pitch”…a memorized blurb that can be shared in less than a minute)

5) “I’m going to buy it.” (This is the most encouraging thing at this point. It’s also terrifies me a little…in a good way. It’s hard to explain)

The lady I spoke with yesterday said #4 and #5. It was nice. I asked about her job. I feel that we had a good discussion.

Sometimes it is hard to tell people about my writing career. I don’t want them to think I’m being boastful. I don’t want them to feel used or like I’m trying to “make a sale”. I’d much rather other people talk about the whole crazy business (which you all do so well…MUCH thanks to you!).

Here’s the thing, though…writing is part of what I do. “Paint Chips” is the result of many years of work, lots of tears (both happy and sad), sacrifices, and love for the writing life.

I am a writer.



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