Life Together

I’m a bit bird-brained at times. I’m the kind of housekeeper who forgets the importance of mopping the floor until my feet get stuck on a splatter of some invisible sticky mess. Every once in a while I wash the same load of laundry four times before I can dry it.

Usually, I’m just thrilled that I got my kids fed and in (mostly) clean clothes.

That’s why I wasn’t surprised to hear my boy yell, “We’re out of toilet paper!”

In fact, I hear that quite often. Also, “We’re out of soap,” “We’re out of cereal,” “We’re out of milk,” and so on.

Well, on that particular day, I had about a million things to do before getting to the store. So, I grabbed our last roll of paper towel (we were also out of napkins and tissue) and instructed the kids to only use half a piece at a time.

I know. I’m the reason that septic systems fail. Sorry.

Eventually, I was ready to get the kids loaded in the van for a trip to Target. The one with a Starbucks.

I saw my neighbor, Heather, out in her front yard. At the time, she was very pregnant with her fourth kiddo. I let the kids play for a few minutes while we chatted.

“Well, we need to get to the store,” I said. “We’re out of toilet paper. Again.”

“We’re down to our last roll,” Heather said.

We smiled at each other and nodded our heads. We get each other.

Heather looked at me and smiled. “Do you want it? You can have it if you need it.”

Now, I’m not one to take the very last roll of toilet paper from a pregnant woman. But, I have to tell you, her offer made me smile. What a blessing that was.

Sometimes “doing life together” means that we prop each other up through a tough time. That we go on visits to the hospital or help out during a time of unemployment. We send encouraging cards or offer to baby sit.

Other times, it’s just offering your last roll of toilet paper. Or sharing baked goods. Lending the meat mallet or a cup of sugar.

Doing life together means doing the small, every day things for each other.

Mother Teresa once said, “We can do no great things, only small things with great love”.

And we do those small things over and over and compound that great love as we do life together.


10 Comments on “Life Together

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  2. Well, one thing that comes to mind in the recent past, is what happened this New Year’s Eve at midnight. Just a little thing, but it will stick in my mind. My husband and I went to a movie which started at around 9:30, and we live in Hamilton. So, me being the sentimental type, and always relating New Year’s Eve with “watching the ball drop”, just wasn’t going to happen this time. It’s always anticlimactic and kind of boring anyway. I thought “oh well, I’ll go to this James Bond movie that he likes this time and we will just make a new kind of tradition”. So, we were walking out of the movie at 11:57, he showed me his phone, and I just nodded my head accepting that fact that we would be doing things differently this year. We walked past TGI Friday’s as many people were blowing their horns and celebrating that fact that the New Year had begun. (I said, oh we could go in, and he said, do you want to, and I said, no not really.) So we proceeded to the car. As we were walking out to the car in the cold, he took me and gave me a big kiss! He’s not the sentimental type, so this was a neat thing for him to do. He said, “Happy New Year honey!”.


    • You know, Heather is amazing. Her kids are learning how to be generous from her. I could tell you a dozen stories of the kindness and mercy her family practices. They are wonderful!


  3. Hi Susie, I love your blog! In answer to your question, Who has done something that made you feel loved? I remember back a few years ago to my last day at my job I’d held for 16 years. I was an announcer at a Christian radio station that had been sold. Everyone was so sad, it was a really tough day. My youngest daughter and her 3 kids surprised me with donuts to “help Grandma feel not so sad.” They sure did help me to feel “not so sad” and very loved!


    • Charmel, thank you for stopping over! Your story is so sweet. Love the ways that family takes care of one another. And especially when kids are involved. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your story!


  4. in 2009 i had a stillborn and after i returned to work a lovely receptionist looked at the pictures of my stillborn son and later sent me an e-mail to congratulate me on the birth of my son. nobody congratulates you when you have a dead baby and it meant the world to me that somebody would congratulate me.


    • Michelle, what a lovely woman that receptionist is. What a beautiful way to show love. Thank you for sharing this moving memory with us. I think that, sometimes, people just don’t know what to say. Seems like this receptionist had just the right words for you. I feel like I learned something today from your comment.


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