Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

Hey, hey, hey! Don’t forget to download your ebook of ‘Paint Chips’! It’s only $3.03 on Amazon and $3.99 on Barnes & Noble. Remember 50 cents from each e-book downloaded goes to The Manasseh Project …but only until Sunday, June 30!

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I have 35 days. 35 days to edit draft #4 of this novel. 35 days to rewrite 75% of it. 35 days to edit draft #5. 35 days to (hopefully) do a draft #6.

35 days.

And in that time I have to

Clean my house

Do laundry


Play with kiddos

Drink coffee

Be a wife

Go to church

Be a friend

Promote ‘Paint Chips’

Plan for a presentation on Human Trafficking

Drink more coffee

Go to the beach

I’m not complaining. I can totally do all that. It’s exhausting. But do-able. Everybody has that much on their plates.

But there are some things that I don’t have time for

Obsessing over bad ratings/reviews

Rearranging my pantry

Wondering if so-and-so likes me

Fretting over my waist-line

Seeking revenge

Worrying if coffee is really stunting my growth

Ain’t NOBODY got time for that.

So. If you hear me fretting or worrying or neglecting my coffee, would you please remind me that I’ve got 35 days and counting down. And that I need to keep my focus on the things that matter?

Okay. Enough of this. I’ve got a purple pen to kill.


10 Comments on “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

  1. Just bought the book on Amazon!!! WooHoo!! Now to find time to read with a newborn in da house!!

    And, for the record, I’m thinking EVERYONE loves you, so you should definitely cross that off your list!! (:


    • Ha! Thanks, Peter! Actually, blogging proves to be a good warm up before I get to my real writing. So, I’ll stick around. Just with shorter posts for sure!


  2. I still want to hear how you’d incorporate Chumbawamba’s song into your blog ;P You know.. you get knocked down…you get back up again…nothings ever gonna keep you down.


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