June Fundraising For Manasseh Project

Spring boarding off my post from Wednesday, I thought we’d take a step together to fight human trafficking.

Yeah. We’re going to work as a team!

Here’s what we’re going to do.

For the whole month of June, 50 cents from the sale of each ebook version of Paint Chips will go to The Manasseh Project. So, from a $3.03/$3.99 sale, 50 cents goes to assisting a great organization that works to rehabilitate victims of sex trafficking in West Michigan.

I would really love to see Manasseh get LOTS from this. So, here are the ways we’re going to  work together.

1. Link the Amazon ebook page on Facebook/Twitter/Google+ explaining the fundraiser (50 cents goes to Manasseh for each ebook sold). Here is that link. I’m asking people to post this throughout the month of June.

2. This is all about Manasseh…not about me. So, if people want to donate HUGE sums of money straight to the organization, I’m VERY cool with that. They can do so on the organization’s website. In fact, if you’re interested in posting that link, too, I’m cool with that.

3. If you’re a person of prayer, pray that God can use this fundraiser for His glory and to spread His kingdom. Again, I don’t want this fundraiser to be able me. I want it to be about the kids who will be impacted by this organization and what God can do in their lives. I’m not doing this to get a good name for myself…but to push all the glory upward to God. So, pray for that, too, please!

Thanks, everybody. If you know me, you know that I have a passion to see trafficking victims become survivors. And I’m all about supporting the amazing people who do that work.

I am so glad to have you on the team!




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