Before You Get Into A Fight…

Last night, I had the amazing pleasure of sharing with a book club. The discussion about PAINT CHIPS was great. They asked lots of questions about the writing process, mental illness, human trafficking.

The discussion really centered on sex trafficking in West Michigan.

Someone in the group asked me the best question of the night.

“What can I do to now?”

I thought I’d take the opportunity to share a few links of places to look for those action steps we can all take in order to fight trafficking. Please now that this is a huge issue, bigger than any one person. We all need to do our part to make a difference. Isn’t that the cool thing about being created as community oriented people?

First: Learn…check out the FAQs page of The Polaris Project. You can learn all kinds of information about what trafficking is, who it hurts, and how to identify it. Click HERE.

Second: Allies…check out the resources page from The Manasseh Project to learn who is already in the fight…and what their specific needs are. Click HERE.

Third: Join…if you live in Michigan, The Michigan Abolitionist Project has three groups across the state that are more than happy to get you plugged in to the fight. They will work with your giftedness and passions to get you to work. Click HERE. If there isn’t a group in your area and you’d like to start one, click HERE to contact someone about how to get that started.

Fourth: Money…$5 goes far when fighting human trafficking. $500 goes even further. If you’re able to give, do so. In any amount. Click HERE to contribute to The Manasseh Project. I personally vouch for and endorse The Manasseh Project. They are doing amazing things to rehabilitate victims of human trafficking in West Michigan.

The more you click through on these sites, the more you will learn about how YOU can get involved. Some of these actions seem small. When compared to people who storm the brothels and work one-on-one with survivors, they do seem insignificant. But that’s just not true. Every single action toward freedom is huge and special and wonderful.

(Next Week: How to fight trafficking with your shopping habits)

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