Just Want To Say Thanks!

7 thoughts on “Just Want To Say Thanks!

    1. Oh…and big thanks to the people who bring friends to book signings!!! And that wear tshirts with the cover on it…and…and…everything else you do.

      I’ll stick something up my nose next time we get coffee.


  1. God has made it impossible for you to be alone! You were born into an already full house, (cute as could be, singing on the stage, fun and creative, tough and determined), friend to lots of people of EVERY assortment (gender, ethnicity, spirituality, coffee preference), wife of Jeff Finkbeiner (need we say more?), mom of a fantastic daughter and super-hero twin sons (worth every moment) and nearly world famous author… yeah, I’d say that God’s plan for you is a bit more social than Hemingway ever discovered!


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