Can’t Un-Know. Can’t Un-See

Don’t forget, for the whole month of June, 2013 50 cents from the sale of each Paint Chips ebook will be donated to The Manasseh Project! Read more HERE.


In Paint Chips, Paul learns about sex trafficking when he’s needed to help find a girl who has returned to “the life”. Once he learns about the problem, he can’t un-know it. Once he sees the girls on the track, he can’t un-see it.

He feels compelled to do something.

Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same. Often we learn about a problem or evil or abuse in this world. And we do nothing. We flip to another channel. Change the subject. Let our minds stray and wander to think that it’s not that bad.

It isn’t because we’re bad people. It’s because we feel paralyzed to do anything. The issue seems too large. Beyond our reach.

We despair. 

But, on the other hand, learning and seeing what’s happening in the world can also make you spring into action…no matter how small the action may seem to you.

Maybe you decide to learn more about what Fair Trade means. And you use that information to purchase ethically sourced items. Or, you look into organizations like The Manasseh Project. And you ask them to come speak at your church or place of business. You find that you want to help prevent human trafficking, so you look up mentoring programs in your community and sign up to impact the life of a kid who needs a little support. You might even be good at writing letters to politicians, telling them that you want tougher laws against trafficking, and more money allotted to the rehabilitation of survivors.

There are real life ways that we can work on solving the problem of modern day slavery. But we all need to pitch in.

“We can do no great things, only small things with great love.” ~Mother Teresa

Check in on Wednesday to learn more about how we can use our buying power to make a big difference!

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