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Make sure you ENTER for the chance to win a GREAT gift!!! Seriously. You don’t want to miss it! Also, don’t forget…for the month of June 50 cents from the purchase of each ebook of Paint Chips goes to the Manasseh Project!!!

This month, we’ve been talking quite a bit about human trafficking. Today, I wanted to call your attention to a company that makes shopping fun…and impacts the world! Better Way Imports sells items made by women around the world. These women have either been rescued from sex slavery or have been rescued before the trafficking even occurred (prevention is key to ending slavery). These women have  a job now that enable them to live in freedom, feed and educate their children, work fair hours in a safe environment. Often the women learn to read and write, do simple math, and receive rehabilitation services. On our end, this company works through direct sales in the home of a host. Like a Tupperware party…but with a really great purpose. It’s a great way to get together with friends and do something that matters. Well, and purchase really great items. (They’re always hiring, too, by the way). Okay. I wanted to show you a few of my new favorite BWI items. All pictures are from their Facebook page.

The Basha Heart necklace. The silver heart is hand pounded and in such a unique shape. The silver chain has a strand of sari (traditional East Indian dress) woven in it. I get SO MANY compliments on this necklace!
The Raspberry Very Berry Bracelet. This is chunky and fun and PURPLE! I wear mine all the time. I mean it. It also comes in Blueberry, Wildberry (multi-colored), Blackberry (with reds and black), Kumquat (yellows), Hazelnut (browns), and Olive (um…greens…of course!)
The Lunar Canvas Act Justly bag is what I’m using for a purse these days. I love it because it is BIG, durable, can be worn across my body…and because it carries the message of Micah 6:8!

I want to encourage you to check out Better Way Imports! So…click HERE to see more of their gorgeous items, to learn about them as a Fair Trade Federation member, and how to get involved!  Also, I’m giving away a $10 gift certificate for Better Way Imports items. (Gift certificate must be used through Kathi Hanson…I’ll hook the winner up with her at the end of the give-away).

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14 Comments on “A Better Way to Shop

  1. Oh no. Looks like my post didn’t go through. Let me try again. I am looking for a new bag and really like the Grace Tote in yellow. It is such a happy looking bag! I liked your fb page ( before now), BWI, shared in fb and tweeted.


  2. I’ve already liked your page, shared and tagged you 🙂 .. and I really like the raspberry bracelet that you show above! And like their facebook page


  3. I *love* the “Territory Act Justly” bag. I hope you know I like your fb page 😉 , and I like Better Way Imports’ page, too. 🙂


  4. I love the Rhapsody scarf, and I have liked Better Way Imports website, Better Way Imports Facebook Page and your facebook page Susie. Great sites and great merchandise..Thanks for chance to win..


  5. The Freeset bags are all wonderful! They are so sturdy and cute. I probably like the sari-braided handle one best. It’s my “church bag.” I like all of those pages on FB already. Yay!


  6. I really like the anatolian necklace!! I like the page, your page, and shared! 🙂 Thanks Susie!


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