Grand Finale! And Grand Give-Away!

Congrats to Linda M. for winning the Kindle ebook of Goodness & Mercy by Patti Hill! Also, Congrats to Jenny M. for winning the big prize pack from Wednesday! Ladies, I’ll be in touch to get all the arrangements made!

Today is the big close of our half birthday bash for ‘Paint Chips’. And, today’s prize is (I hope) pretty fun…and huge…and it makes me happy that one of you will win it!

Here’s what you could win!


A signed copy of Amelia Rhodes‘ book!  

Biggby_FotorA $5 Gift Certificate to your choice of Starbucks or Biggby


A digital download of the ‘Paint Chips’ ebook, a ‘What’s Your Story’ necklace, and a $10 gift certificate to Better Way Imports!


I know. Big bucks. It’s cool. You are all my favorites.

So, click on the little “Rafflecopter” link below and follow the instructions to get entered! I’m taking entries until Sunday at 11:59 pm! Oh! And you can Tweet and Facebook about the give-away once a day for extra points. So…go get ’em!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

20 Comments on “Grand Finale! And Grand Give-Away!

  1. Thanks for doing the giveaway, Susie! Gift cards to coffee shops are a sure-fire way to get people to enter. Anything for a delicous chai latte, or a frozen mint mocha, or some other tasty beverage. Great, now I really want coffee. Thanks a lot.


  2. I don’t know what Biggby is, but when I go to a froufrou coffee shop, I usually order a regular coffee with a flavor shot and then add milk. It’s kind of like a flavored latte but cheaper. 🙂

    Fun giveaway!


    • Oh, yes. My non-Michigan friends don’t know of Biggby. It’s like Starbucks…but a lot sweeter (I think).

      You know, I often get the soy milk, coffee, shot of flavor, too! 🙂


  3. What a fun give away 🙂 My most favorite drink of all times is the chai latte, chai charger, dirty chai – same thing different names. Chai with espresso. Hot. Frozen. Iced. Yummmmo. I’m actually not a Biggby fan. *Gasp* can I say that and still be allowed to live in West Michigan? I guess I’m not truly a West Michigander deep, deep down in my coffee soul. I like the smaller non-chain, local coffee shops.


  4. Love me some chai!! Thanks for the giveaway! Sadly, I still need to read your book. 😦 It is awaiting me on top of a stack in my bedroom.


    • Sadly? I don’t think it’s sad! I think it’s great that you have a stack of books! That’s happy! And that Paint Chips is in that stack. Holy Cow. That’s fabulous! 🙂


  5. Most of the time I prefer Starbucks to the Big B. But frankly, I will drink any coffee, any time.


  6. i’m with Anne on this one. 🙂 but pretty much any iced coffee will do!


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