Wear and Tear

Hey, thanks so much, everybody, for the fun we had last week celebrating the 6 months of Paint Chips with me. If you won a prize, I’ll get those out in the mail before the end of the week…and if you won chocolate (Jenny M, I’m looking at you), I’m probably going to have to send that out when it cools off a bit outside. Otherwise, you’re going to get a package full of hot chocolate. EEEP! 



You’d think my job is pretty low impact. I mean, physically speaking. Right?

Well. Not exactly.

Long hours of sitting are killing my back. If I stand to write (which I do often), it kills my back. I have these weird callous things on the insides of my wrists from my laptop (at least they don’t hurt anymore). When I write a very intense scene, my whole body tenses up.

I’m not complaining. Just hoping to help you understand that…

I am exhausted.


And then this happened today.

coffeeshortage_FotorSo, I this is the reason I have nothing special and clever for today’s blog post.

I’m buckling down. Drinking the cheap (and nasty coffee) I found in my pantry. Ignoring the sinus pressure that’s crushing my right eyeball. Staying out of the humid air.

And, today, I’m writing like I only have 16 days until this manuscript is due.


Because that’s all I’ve got.

Drink a rich, dark, cup for me today, Friends!


10 Comments on “Wear and Tear

  1. Susie, you explain the life of writing so well. I mean, I know I’m not nearly the same type of writer as you, but wow, this hits close to home (especially during that wonderful NaNoWriMo season!) Keep the coffee – – – I mean….words….yeah 😛 – – -flowing, and you’ll make it. Praying for you! 🙂


    • Hey, Kady! Thanks so much! And, yeah, NaNoWriMo is killer, isn’t it? But so much fun! YOU keep up with your writing, too!

      Ive got a pot of coffee brewing right now. 🙂


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