Ask Susie — Finding Time

Welcome to the first edition of “Ask Susie”. Have a question you want me to answer, go ahead and ask it! You can email me at susiefink[at]gmail[dot]com or just leave your question in the comments of this post. Ask about writing, Paint Chips, silly stuff…whatever! Be creative! I hope to do this each week. Thanks!

LOOK at those crazy eyes!!!



15 thoughts on “Ask Susie — Finding Time

  1. I find being this close to your face (camera-wise) completely changes the perspective of your face, accentuating it with an intensity and animation lacking in more distant encounters. Will you be continuing this series using a similar technique, or are you going to experiment with various styles?

    And my pertinent-to-writing question is in relation to your delightful husband. What kinds of things do spouses-of-writers need to know in order to survive with us? Do they ever get jealous of the time we need to spend (alone) with our laptops?


    • Rob, you cracked me up! I’m this close to the camera because it’s my iPod Touch. I’m planning to try different ways of setting it up. I just don’t want it to be too far down from my face. Nobody wants to look up my nose.

      That is a FANTASTIC question. Maybe I’ll try to get Jeff in on answering that one with me. 🙂


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