I’ve Been Everywhere, Man…

This month, I’ve been so honored to be the guest on a whole bunch of blogs. Just in case you missed any of them, I thought I’d give you the links.

First, Amelia Rhodes interviewed me on her blog. Click HERE.

Next, my editor, Dina Sleiman, hosted me (TWICE!). She talked me up (and made me blush) HERE and let me write a post about my issue with anxiety HERE.

Megan Sayer added to the blushing on her blog. Click HERE.

Fellow WhiteFire author, Christine Lindsay let me write about how a friend prayed for me. Click HERE.

The super sweet Jessie Heninger wrote a review on her blog. Click HERE. She also interviewed me HERE.

Peter DeHaan interviewed me from a male perspective. Click HERE.

My publisher and editor, Roseanna White wrote more Susie-blushing words HERE.

The lovely, Ashlin Jakobson posted a video reading from Paint Chips. Click HERE.

And, most recently, Julie Hartley (who lives in my hometown of Lansing), posted an excerpt from Paint Chips which was inspired by a Lansing restaurant (her’s is a restaurant review blog). Click HERE.

Also, Kelly Haven is RIGHT NOW hosting a give away of a super cool necklace (made by me, of course). She’s talking about me, Paint Chips, and our friend Ryan Apple (who is a wicked awesome guitarist). Check that out and enter the give away HERE.

WHEW! I sure hope I didn’t miss anybody. It has been a whirlwind with more posts to come.

My point in sharing this is two-fold. First, to thank all these lovely people who have been so supportive! I could not market this book alone. It is not possible. But with the help of others, it is a joy. Second, so that you can check out their blogs. To give them a little exposure and blog love! Go on and follow them if they’re your “flavor”

Stay tuned. I’ve got a whole lot of people posting in the near future!

4 Comments on “I’ve Been Everywhere, Man…

  1. Did you title it after a song on purpose? I do that all the time, to the point that I’m annoyed when I can’t think of a pertinent song title.


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