Ask Susie: Naming Characters

Don’t miss last week’s “Ask Susie” about finding time to write. Click HERE to watch it!

6 Comments on “Ask Susie: Naming Characters

  1. Cool! I was wondering if you ever looked at the meaning of names to kind of tie in with what your character will go through or has been through. Guess I better send in jokes if I want to be a character! 🙂 Too funny.

    Will you ever have a female villain who was as bad as Cora’s dad? He was nasty!

    Will many of your books be about sex trafficking, or will you venture into other themes? It seems that an author has to do a lot of research to get a story right. How do you choose a theme (if it will be something different with the next novel)? I know you want to be relevant.

    (Thanks, but I don’t need any help on how to avoid housework!:-)!!


      • You didn’t answer them! Them’s good questions that Debra asked.
        Sigh. I don’t need any help in avoiding housework either 😦

        Good work on the video though Suze. Lots of fun.


      • I’m going to answer the questions with videos in the future! That’s the fun part!

        Thanks, Meg! I have a lot of fun doing the videos. It’s nice to have something different.


  2. Debra that was an awesome question…It was so nice to hear Susie’s answer. Susie, you are just too cute! The other questions that I see here are also great questions that I would love to know the answer to as well. I will look forward to your next video answer sesion:)


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