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3 Rejections That Made Me Smile

Wednesday I blogged about how to deal with rejection. Go ahead, you can read it. Click HERE. I wanted to tell you about the 3 rejections that made me smile. In fact, that made me a little giddy. 1. When I finished the very first… Continue Reading “3 Rejections That Made Me Smile”

Yoda. Snooki. Stephen King. And Dealing With Rejection.

Last night I learned that an editor declined to publish the novel I’m working on. No. No. No. Don’t feel pity for me. Don’t. I’m fine! Seriously. This isn’t my first rejection. It won’t be my last.  Rejection is part of the job. It’s… Continue Reading “Yoda. Snooki. Stephen King. And Dealing With Rejection.”

On Rejection

The other day, my friend and fellow novelist Bob Evenhouse wrote about his novel fearing rejection. Go on over and give him a gander. I remember those days. The shaking hand before hitting “send”. The way my tummy stirred and flopped and dropped to… Continue Reading “On Rejection”

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