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I’m not as famous as Steinbeck

Last week I had the following conversation with one of my 10 year old boys. Him: Hey, Mom. I think I’m going to write about an author who wrote a Dust Bowl novel for my Oklahoma state report. Me: Oh, buddy! You’re going to…

Yoda. Snooki. Stephen King. And Dealing With Rejection.

Last night I learned that an editor declined to publish the novel I’m working on. No. No. No. Don’t feel pity for me. Don’t. I’m fine! Seriously. This isn’t my first rejection. It won’t be my last.  Rejection is part of the job. It’s…

Clutter Brain

CHECK IT OUT! I have a contest going on at my Facebook Novelist Page! Click HERE to see and enter! How can I incorporate a hunky knight (in shining armor) into my novel in progress about funeral directors! The idea that gets the most “likes”…

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