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Lace and Walt Whitman

I’m writing a new novel. Well, “writing” can mean several things. At this moment it means that I’m researching and putting together character sketches. As I said before, I’m not ready for the actual writing (which we call “drafting” in the biz). Another thing… Continue Reading “Lace and Walt Whitman”

On Rejection

The other day, my friend and fellow novelist Bob Evenhouse wrote about his novel fearing rejection. Go on over and give him a gander. I remember those days. The shaking hand before hitting “send”. The way my tummy stirred and flopped and dropped to… Continue Reading “On Rejection”

Day 19 — Where I Work

I have a house guest coming in 36 hours. So…I’ve been cleaning like a crazy person. Sometimes cleaning like a crazy person means that you discover that the shower is crumbling…oops. So, I haven’t done as much writing the past few days as I… Continue Reading “Day 19 — Where I Work”

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