Day 19 — Where I Work

I have a house guest coming in 36 hours. So…I’ve been cleaning like a crazy person.

Sometimes cleaning like a crazy person means that you discover that the shower is crumbling…oops.

So, I haven’t done as much writing the past few days as I would like. However, I have found a desk under the constant paper avalanche that surrounds me most of the time. I decided that I would like to show you where I work.

I guess it’s “Take Your Blog Friends To Work Day”!

This is my desk. it’s in a corner of my kitchen. I can see all that’s going on in the living room from my chair. I can also stir the soup, write a few words, do the dishes, write a few words, etc. Notice the mason jar full of pens…I have a thing with pens.

When I sit in my chair, this is my view. Yes. That’s a cuckoo clock. No, sadly, it doesn’t work.

And here is my lap top. And the #1 biggest distraction. But, on this computer, I’ve written one full novel, PAINT CHIPS (11 drafts of it). Part of another novel (my NaNoWriMo novel). Countless short stories and blog posts. On this computer I received the “Yes” email from WhiteFire Publishing. It’s been a good and important tool for me.

That’s where I work. I guarantee that it will be covered with papers and books soon (when I get some writing in this afternoon).

Where do you do your best work?

8 Comments on “Day 19 — Where I Work

  1. Oh my…you’ve shattered my illusion! When I skype with you I always imagine I’m on the other side of a desktop computer on a big dining table, and when I come over I’ll sit just where I always sit when I talk to you. But no. I’d be in a WALL! Sigh. I should have known…


  2. I do my beset work in a corner office in my basement. From there I can’t see the living room, stir the soup, or do the dishes. There’s no clock one the wall and only a couple pictures. I do have a pen cup, but it’s mostly empty. As for my computer, I’m not too attached to it. It’s six years old and about to go to the retirement home.


  3. In the ancient past, it was possible to work amidst the total chaos of Life – the college dorm, the flurry of roommates, the blare of radios and televisions (this is pre-Internet). Post-college, it was impossible. The only environment suitable for proper writing was devoid of any sort of interruption, either visual or auditory.

    With the advent of the laptop, there is no stable nor sedentary workplace; it is wherever my lap happens to be. Unfortunately, with the hustle and bustle of family life, and the need to maintain communication in-between (or during) the many crises which erupt during the normal course of the day, there is seldom if any opportunity to find a spare moment/minute/blessed-hour in which one is left completely alone to one’s devices (or device). So it is that the majority of my writing is done late in the night / early in the morning when all others have gone to sleep, including my feeble brain, with the result that it is all, on the whole, meaningless gibberish, not even worthy of taking up room in my computer’s virtual Trash receptacle.

    And, since it is done in my favorite chair, it is also covered with cat hair.


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