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Peace That Passes Understanding

When I was a kid, the hardest lyrics to sing were “I’ve got the peace that passes understanding way down in the depths of my heart”. Difficult. Mostly because the words tied up in my tongue and made me giggle. I was a child… Continue Reading “Peace That Passes Understanding”

Quick Thought About November 7, 2012

Yesterday President Barack Obama won his bid for re-election (in case you didn’t follow along). Now, I’m not going to give you my opinion about that. And I’d rather you not give me your opinion either. It will accomplish nothing. However, I made an… Continue Reading “Quick Thought About November 7, 2012”

July 4

Just being honest with myself here. If you’re living in America, you probably aren’t reading this post today. You’re grilling hot dogs, spitting watermelon seeds at someone, setting things on fire and hoping that you come away with both eyes and all 10 fingers.… Continue Reading “July 4”

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