July 4

Just being honest with myself here. If you’re living in America, you probably aren’t reading this post today.

You’re grilling hot dogs, spitting watermelon seeds at someone, setting things on fire and hoping that you come away with both eyes and all 10 fingers.

Happy Independence Day.

So, this will be a very short post. I wish you safety today. Good eats. And peace.

Tell me…what are your 4th of July traditions? What food will you be eating? If you’re not living in the US of A, then what do you think of American traditions on this day?

One Comment on “July 4

  1. I would like to fancy myself a very American girl, sharing the first name of the woman who sewed up our great flag while sitting in her rocking chair, sporting her fanciest bonnet (Betsy Ross, just in case you forgot 1st grade history), born on the day after the bi-centennial (that would be 1976), and completely grateful that I am a citizen of a “free” nation that God blesses regardless of our great imperfections. I am free to enjoy His overwhelming love for me and I am free to share it with others.

    Happy Independence day – a reminder of our true freedom in Christ!


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