Peace That Passes Understanding

sunsetWhen I was a kid, the hardest lyrics to sing were

“I’ve got the peace that passes understanding way down in the depths of my heart”.

Difficult. Mostly because the words tied up in my tongue and made me giggle.

I was a child prone to giggling.

I suspect it would have been even more challenging had I paused to consider the words. Their meaning. The significance they carry in this broken, pain filled world.

I’ve been an adult prone to seeking peace in the storm.

I haven’t always succeeded.

The other day, a man lost his wife. Her breast cancer had returned. Spread. Left behind are her husband and cuter-than-any-button-I’ve-ever-seen daughter. She’s 4. Her mother was only 36.

36. 3-6. Thirty-six.

Right around my age. So, so, so young.

I never met her. Wouldn’t have even heard about her if not for her husband being the editor in chief of Burnside Writers Collective.

Still, the mourning touched my heart. The sense of loss. Grief that this beautiful woman has left this world. And that strange rejoicing because she’s finished with the struggle. She’s in glory now.

But her husband is left behind. Her daughter. And that’s what broke my heart. I prayed, not knowing what to say. Just asking God to give them some mercy. Somehow. Anyhow. Just mercy.

Yesterday, Jordan updated his Facebook status.

“I don’t know if I’d call it a shout, but I have joy this morning, and I am thankful.”

Isn’t that beautiful? Doesn’t it touch your soul? Such tender vulnerability. Such…


When I read that status, I had a thought. Let the thought unfold real slow and mellow and quiet from that place in my soul that I’ve yet to understand.

And my thought ambled around all day and into this morning.

My thought:

That. That is the peace that passes all understanding. Mercy. Joy in the morning. Thanksgiving. 

If you are able and would like to bless Jordan Green and his daughter Lana, I’m certain they would be grateful. Mercy is helping to shoulder a small piece of financial burden. Here’s the link for the online collection being taken. Believe me when I say that no gift is too small. 

2 Comments on “Peace That Passes Understanding

  1. I grew up with this kind of gospel music, too, only I think we sang it “peace that passETH understanding.” Now, that’s REALLY a tongue-twister. Thanks for the encouragement you give!Have a blessed Christmas and New Year!



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